Native Heart Community Development Association (NHCDA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to connect with and empower indigenous leaders and community members to recognize their strengths and resources, and to work together to transform their communities.

NHCDA works collaboratively with Native Americans:

  • To promote awareness of issues of concern to Native Americans through conferences and workshops.
  • To strengthen existing community development efforts.
  • To encourage and promote new community development programs and initiatives.
  • To empower and mobilize leaders and community members through training and capacity building.
  • To make culturally competent resource materials available that enhance Native capacity for self-governance and self-sufficiency.
  • To foster resilience and autonomy through productive relationships and partnerships among community members, government leaders, and social service providers that lead to new levels of community action and development.


It is the vision of Native Heart Community Development Association® to see Native American communities fully engaged in the process of transformation and living in harmony, balance and prosperity. 


The organization was conceived in Maryland in 2000, to be multi-dimensional so it could reach all Native people.  The Coalition of Christian Native American Women® (CCNAW) was created specifically to foster the personal and spiritual development of Native women.  In March 2001, the organization moved its headquarters to Arizona and registered to do business as a 501 [c] 3 organization.  In 2007, the organization trademarked the name Native Heart Community Development Association™ (NHCDA), to represent its true purpose of promoting Native American community revitalization. In August 2010, the organization created an East coast office in North Carolina, and each of the organizations retains its respective trademarked name and operates collaboratively together.