The Gathering of Eagles

November is Native American Heritage Month. We gather to honor Native Americans for their indelible spirit, and as America’s First Nations People who are gatekeepers of this land. In 1975 Billy Graham said, “The Native American has been like a sleeping giant. He is awakening. The original  Americans could become the evangelists who help win America for Christ! Remember these forgotten people. ”We have not forgotten! Our second goal for this conference is to promote awareness of Native Americans awakening to their Godgiven spiritual destiny.

Our vision is to see the reconciliation of all mankind to each other and to Yahweh. We envision this gathering challenging misconceptions, breaking down walls of division [Psalm 133:1], and promoting unity through which all blessings flow [Psalms 133:3].

Native Heart Community Development Association gathers with a remnant of believers from different nations to worship the Lord, fellowship with each other, and honor our First Nations People. “We, God’s people of all races and cultures, acknowledge that much has occurred in the history of the world that has brought pain and trauma to the First Nations people of the land. We acknowledge that the Creator made every nation of man from one man [Acts 17:26]. We are thankful that we serve a redemptive God.” We gather to celebrate our kinship.

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