Core Competencies for Spiritual Caregiving:

Addressing Native American Wellbriety


This workshop empowers those who want to be effective in addressing the harmful
impact of substance abuse and other life-controlling issues on
Native American individuals and their families.

Core Competencies for Spiritual Caregiving: Addressing Native American Wellbriety is based on SAMHSA’s 12 Core Competencies, and offers training about the issue of substance abuse to clergy and others who are involved in administering spiritual or social services to the Native American population. The training incorporates research-based information on effective treatment, with culturally competent concepts and practices that consider the impact of historical trauma, and the values, experiences, histories, resources, and traditions of members of diverse Native American tribal groups upon substance abuse.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Gain the basic knowledge and skills needed for effective spiritual caregiving.
  • Become culturally aware and competent to address Native American issues.
  • Learn the clinical, social, and spiritual indicators and consequences of substance abuse.
  • Understand how historical trauma has impacted the behaviors and decisions surrounding alcohol and drug use and abuse among Native Americans.
  • Become aware of how trauma and substance abuse hinder spiritual development.
  • Learn how to break through the wall of silence surrounding substance abuse.
  • Learn how to become actively involved in efforts to mitigate the damaging effects of substance abuse among Native Americans, and to start their own wellbriety program.
  • Be empowered to connect with community agencies and resources.


Participants who attend the full two-day workshop will receive a
Certificate of Attendance and 20 CEUs toward certification for
Spiritual Care Giving for Native Americans

ENDORSEMENT: “For fifty years now I have provided spiritual guidance and deliverance throughout Indian Country…but I have always believed that there must be other ‘streams’ that would provide a more compact focus on the problem of alcohol and drugs, which are still rampant among our Native people. I believe the Core Competencies for Spiritual Caregiving training is the key for meeting today’s needs among our Native people. I am glad to endorse and promote this among tribes, and I am willing to help groups everywhere, who like me, lack this kind of focused care-giving ability in our ministries.” Dr. Jay Swallow, Southern Cheyenne/Sioux.

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