“The Eastern Band of Cherokee has an aggressive campaign against substance abuse through its recent initiatives; therefore, we are always interested when we see materials dealing with this subject.  Native Turning Point: The White North is the first manual in a series that Shirley Frisbee has written that deals not only with addictions, but also thoroughly addresses the multitude of issues that are at the root of the many social and spiritual ills of our people." 

Principal Chief Michell Hicks
Eastern Band of Cherokee


 “For all who are involved in ministry among Native Americans, Shirley Frisbee has written a valuable manual series…Though each manual is composed as a workbook for support and therapy groups, its insights and specific data will also be helpful to therapists and counselors in one-on-one situations…Shirley has rightly identified that it is primarily in learning how to behave in group therapy that healing can best come to Native people…That is what makes Shirley Frisbee’s book so valuable and timely, since it urges and leads continually into deep sharing of the hidden things of the heart…She presents sage advice and many guidelines for members of therapy groups, in order to bridge the gap of our unwillingness, and enable us to open up and share what is most private and embarrassing…Shirley’s book is, therefore, highly recommended reading, a must for those who would lead small groups into successful encounters that can produce change and redemption in peoples’ lives.  Our redemption as a people, and individually, depends upon learning the lessons of Shirley’s book.  I hope and pray we will hear and respond.” 

 John Loren Sandford, Osage
Co-Founder, The Elijah House International


“As we read Shirley Frisbee’s manuals…we were very encouraged.  Finally there is a recovery-oriented workbook fashioned especially for Native peoples that incorporates the Native culture into our own personal healing process…This manual is a foundational tool that will be used to set our people free. If we will utilize this tool deliberately with commitment and honesty, we will experience freedom.”

Qaumaniq Suuqiina, Tsalagi
Dr. Iglahliq Suuqiina, Inuit

Indigenous Messengers International


“I am excited about the ministry God has given Shirley Frisbee to heal our Native people, and I can truly say I am the first fruit of that ministry.  I have benefited and been transformed by the resources God has placed in her hands.  I am excited about her series of Native Turning Point manuals, and I have already begun to use these principles to bring transformation and healing to myself and my fellow Native brothers and sisters.”

Leo “Strikes the Enemy” Blackbull
Lakota Sioux